Parents Info

Dear parents,

It is with great pleasure we inform that we have have prepared and updated the Navigator Kids site, which was designed particularly for the young ones.

Like the paper of the same name, this site is designed to accompany children in their use of paper, to provide a creative support to develop their learning interest, allowing for varied and complementary forms of expression such as printing, handwriting, drawing and folding, among other uses.

We ensure that all material on this Internet site is suitable for children, both in terms of content and design, and is presented in a way that is well-suited to the natural capacities of your little artists.

As with any other site from this company, the data is kept in strict confidentiality, and only used for the purpose indicated above, and can be altered or deleted at your request, at any time.

We hope that your child will have lots of fun with Junior and his friends!

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